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Cobs Natural Popcorn Sea Salt 20g

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Why you should stock Cobs Popcorn:


The RTE (ready to eat) popcorn category growing @ 12% (Aztec National Grocery data)

Cobs Popcorn is fastest growing brands in RTE popcorn

Cobs has 22% share of RTE popcorn category = # 1 RTE brand

Australians now snack 4 times as much as they did in 10 years ago

greater consumer knowledge and expectations of food’s nutritional value

consumer cues when selecting a snack:

–          Healthy – no artificial anything

–          Minimal processing

–          Tastes good

–          Shareable

–          Value for money

–          Consume ‘on-the-go’

–          Bite sized snacks

Cobs perceived as natural, premium, healthy, accessible


All above data from a mix of sources – Aztec, Euromonitor, Cobs Brand & Market Review Research 2014





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