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The next generation YZ-450 with the special cut-away design feature that allows you to move machine through doorways with ease. It boasts a large 10″ LCD screen for a more exciting shopping experience. This machine can hold up to 180 snacks and 136 drinks. The YZ-450 is a fully refrigerated unit with remote monitoring and credit card payment features as optional.


  • Narrow doorway accessibility so you never even lose a site with a narrow doorway entry.
  • 10” LCD screens (with speaker and remote control) to run video, audio and slide shows. No other Australian vending machine offers this feature.
    • Communicate tailored messages, special offers and important announcements to customers.
    • Sell as advertising space for an additional revenue stream.
    • Runs video, audio and slide shows.
    • Complete with speakers and remote control
  • 90 degree door openings allow you to pull out trays at 90 degrees for true flexibility of machine placement – including the left hand-side corner of a room
    • Trays can be pulled out at a 90 degree angle rather than a 180 degree angle like most other machines
    • Greater flexibility with machine placement
    • Machines can be placed in the left hand corner of a room
  • Vend sensors to detect when items have not been vended so that money can be refunded
    • Machine can accurately detect if the product has been dropped
    • Vending machine will automatically refund customers’ money when items have not been vended
  • 7 tray wiring to enable a 7th tray to be added to increase capacity and variety
    • Allows you to install an extra seventh tray easily
    • Increased product capacity and variety
    • Fewer visits required to refill the machine – saving on operational costs
  • Credit Card Payment option
    • Customer can pay by credit card (including tap and go) for added convenience
    • Increase sale opportunities
  • Remote monitoring option so you can monitor your machine remotely and never run out of stock!
  • Bright LED lighting so your machine gets attention and secures more business!
  • Uses parts that are compatible with older models so you can interchange parts
  • German Danfoss Compressor gives you powerful cooling so your customers can enjoy iced cold drink every time!
  • Advanced controller board that allows you to program your machine efficiently at your fingertips and run massive range of MDB payment devices! Choice is yours!
  • Dual temperature zones so your customers can enjoy both iced cold drinks and snacks that are kept at just right temperature all from one machine!
  • Adjustable helix that allows you to set home position of your spiral so you can be rest assured your machine dispenses products correctly.
  • Strong Stainless steel panel gives your machine attractive looks that is loved by your customer
  • Weather resistant / anti-jam coin insert prevents those nasty coin jams reduces your call outs dramatically and gives your customer more reliability!
  • Strong Stainless steel keypad gives robust reliability and quality experience to your customers
  • Double glazed heated glass gives crystal clear visibility of merchandise products to your customers all the time, no more condensation on glass!
  • Adjustable shelf height allows you to modify machine to suit your needs. Snack only, drink only, combo…no worries, you have big, small, tall, short merchandise products…no worries!
  • Guide rail for cans ensures cans sits straight and improves product merchandising
  • Dimensions – 1830mm(h) x 930mm(w) x 830mm(d)
  • Weight – 335 Kg
  • Maximum selections – 70
  • Refrigeration – 3/4HP R134a (370 g)
  • Power – 845W
  • Power consumption – 2590 kwh per year
  • Lighting – 12V DC LED colour corrected lighting system
  • Power supply – AC 220V~240V 50Hz
  • Internal temperature
    • Top – 14°C ~ 25°C
    • Bottom – 4°C ~ 10°C
  • Payment system protocol – MDB
  • Air Noise – Less than 60dB
  • Conditions of use:
    • Ambient temperature – 0°C ~ 35°C
    • Humidity 70%
    • Outdoor protection from direct sun and rain


YZ450 Brochure

Transport order form v1.3



We warrant that VENDZONE Vending Machines, when used and maintained as per the instructions, will remain free from faults and manufacturing defects for a period of up to 18 months. This warranty is subject to the terms and conditions as set out below, and all other warranties are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

All ancillary product warranties are as per our suppliers warranty policy as applicable for the particular item purchased and are not covered by this warranty.


  1. VENDZONE PTY. LTD. (ACN 138 383 883) (the ‘Seller’), warrants the Vending Machines against faulty or defective parts in accordance with the below terms.
  2. This warranty is applicable only in relation to goods purchased directly from the Seller and is not transferable.
  3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the application of this warranty is limited to where the customer has used the goods in strict accordance with its operation manual and any user instructions.
  4. This warranty is void if the product is subjected to abuse, improper care, natural disasters, if the conditions contained in this Warranty are not complied with, if this certificate is not signed by the Seller, it’s authorised dealer or agent or if the vending machine is installed by an unauthorised third party.
  5. Upon receiving notification of a repair being required one of the Seller’s technicians will attend to the problem as soon as possible. Most repairs are carried out within 24 hours of it being reported.  Standard service call charges apply in respect of all repairs required to be carried out, including during the warranty period.  Service call charges are not covered by this warranty.
  6. Service charges include a call out charge of $75 plus GST in addition to an hourly rate of $75 plus GST per hour (minimum charge is for one full hour). If these fees and charges change, you will be notified by the Seller.
  7. In order to verify that a part is faulty, the Seller may request that you send the faulty part to us for inspection if a physical inspection at the site within the first 24 hours is not possible, if for example the machine is located interstate.  The Seller will pay for the reasonable cost of postage of the part to it if upon inspection it is found to be faulty.  If a part is found to be faulty, it will be replaced at no charge to you.
  8. Repair or replacement of any goods supplied by the Seller will be at the discretion of the Seller subject to the nature and extent of the fault in question.  No provisions of this warranty affect any of the customer’s statutory rights under the Competition and Consumer Act (Cth) 2010 or any analogous legislation.
  9. To the maximum extent permitted by law, this warranty will not cover repairs required for normal wear and tear, damage by misuse, exposure of the goods to moisture, liquid or proximity to (direct) heat, any outdoor conditions, accident, vandalism, abuse, neglect, electrical power surges, disruption to any services required to operate the goods, cosmetic damage to the goods including scratches, dents or cracks to the surface of the goods, damage or malfunction of the goods caused by their use in conjunction with any software or other peripheral or non essential components or additions not authorized by the Seller or damage arising out of any repairs or modifications to the goods undertaken by an unauthorized third party and the Seller’s liability is limited to the purchase price paid by the customer for the goods.
  10. The Seller shall not be liable in either tort or contract for any loss(es) whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, claims, injuries, (property or personal injury) or damages, arising from the installation of a vending machine by an authorised third party to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  11. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.
  12. If goods presented for repair are capable of retaining user generated data, the repair of the goods may result in loss of the data.
  13.  The benefits given by this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies which are available to you under law.
  14. Where there is any inconsistency between this warranty and any other ancillary product warranty in relation to the goods and services supplied by the Seller, this warranty shall prevail to the extent of any such inconsistency.

Warranty Period and Claims

  1. The Seller gives a 18 month warranty on parts only from the date of the invoice of the Seller (“Warranty Period”).  This warranty does not cover the cost of labour, service call fees or charges in respect of any warranty claims.
  2. Other warranty periods specified by the manufacturer of respective components apply in relation to non standard parts including but not limited to coin mechanisms, note readers, GPRS units and the like, which will be subject to their own separate warranties.
  3. This warranty comes into effect on the date of the invoice and will only be valid once you register this warranty online at www.vendzone.com.au including all relevant details such as the date of the invoice, the invoice number and the serial number of the goods purchased from the Seller.
  4. In order to be entitled to claim the warranties provided herein, you must provide us with proof of purchase and notify of any claim upon becoming aware of a defect.  Any matters not brought to our attention within a reasonable time will not be covered by this warranty.
  5. Any claim under this warranty must be brought to the Seller’s attention as follows:
    1. By email: info@vendzone.com.au
    2. By mail:  Vendzone Pty. Ltd. P.O. Box 5353 Clayton, Victoria 3168
  6. No warranty claims can be made by telephone.  Claims submitted in writing or by email will be acted upon within 24 hours of receipt of same.

If you have any questions in relation to this warranty, please contact the Seller at info@vendzone.com.au.


  • Delivery of a Vending Machine to a location is dependent on several factors such as geographical location, spot within the location, steps involved, door entry, loading bays, date/timing restrictions etc.
  • Vendzone can organise delivery of your machine. Quotes are provided on case by case basis. Please fill out Installation order form v1.3 PART B  and send it to info@vendzone.com.au to get a quote.
  • Alternatively you can organise your own pick up. Vendzone can assist you with recommending transport companies. Please contact us to find out more.
  • By default pick up is always from our head office in Melbourne however if free stock is available in your city or closest city to your area, Vendzone would be more than happy to supply you machine from the warehouse nearest to you so you can save on freight.
  • Please feel free to call us on 1300VENDZONE (1300 836 396) if you want any further assistance


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