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What our clients say

“In late November we took delivery of our first Vendzone’s YZ-250 vending machine. The intention was to place it into a medium size outlet and it’s dimensions and cost were a major plus for us. The machine has worked without a hitch since day one and we are extremely happy with it’s performance”

- – Multi-machine Operator, New South Wales

I entered to the Vending Industry through Vendzone in 2012. I am really impressed with the quality of Vendzone machines and friendly service they provide. I recommend Vendzone to all Vending operators across Australia without a doubt.

- Kishore – Eminent Vending

“We had a strong need for a low cost reliable vending machine for an Aged Care Center serviced by us. It did not justify the large expense of a medium to large machine. Vendzone’s new YZ250 machine appeared to fit the situation perfectly. After three months we are very pleased with the unit and its reliability”

- – Trevor Venables – DC Vending, South Australia

“I am currently operating 15 vending machines. I started with the VZ550s then purchased a few VZ350s and more recently 3 x YZ250s in a standard configuration. Everyone wants a big site, but it is hard to find new big sites but there are 100 times more, smaller vending machines sites which easily accommodate the smaller and cheaper YZ250. It can do everything the big machines can but it will fit where the larger machines cannot and is till economical to operate on a smaller site. The key is to have the vending machine in a highly visible location and because of the YZ250 size it is easier to locate in that highly visible spot plus the smaller machine is more user-friendly”.

- – Robert Vecci – Really Cool Snacks by Vending, Victoria

Vendzone’s YZ-550 has been received positively from our clientele thus far in terms of design and reliability. The many design features have definitely been garnered from vending operators making it exceptionally versatile and user friendly. The YZ-550 is further exemplified through Vendzone’s in-depth training and ongoing support.
- Stephen Sim – Steeemz Vending

I just wanted to send a note to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent vending equipment and service that Vendzone provides. The few times I have requested support from Vendzone it has been fast and efficient. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class products and services. I would love recommending your company to other vending operators. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far.

- Ron Wahlen, Cascade Vending, Qld

“Our business is operating hundreds of vending machines of all types and sizes. We were asked to trial the next generation Vendzone YZ250 machine and were impressed with its reliability and suitability for a number of sites we operate. In actual fact we have now replaced larger machines with this YZ250 and have managed to operate these sites more profitably. We plan to consider this machine more and more as we continue to develop our vending business”

- – Stephen Borg – Snacks R’ Us Vending, Victoria