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Why choose Vendzone

Quality without compromise – and 18 month warranties

At Vendzone, we use top quality parts to build our machines. And we perform superior workmanship at every stage of the design and assembly process.

But we believe it’s important to back up our claims. So for true peace of mind, Vendzone offers you extended 18 month warranties on all its machines. That’s at least six months longer than most other Australian suppliers.


Reliability is our middle name

As a vending machine operator, your clients need to know they can rely on you. And they need to know they can rely on the machines you install. That’s where we come in.

We believe our machines are Australia’s most reliable. But that’s only half the story. We also provide a 24-hour tech-support service that’s second to none. Every member of our small, close-knit team is trained and equipped to answer your questions and solve your problems – quickly and easily.

Smart features suited to the Australian market

Exclusively designed for the Australian market, Vendzone machines are fitted with many smart, modern features that your clients won’t find anywhere else. For example:


  • 10” LCD screens (with speaker and remote control) to run video, audio and slide shows. No other Australian vending machine offers this feature.
  • 90 degree door openings allow you to pull out trays at 90 degrees for true flexibility of machine placement – including the left hand-side corner of a room.
  • Vend sensors to detect when items have not been vended so that money can be refunded.
  • 7 tray wiring to enable a 7th tray to be added to increase capacity and variety.
  • Remote monitoring so you can monitor your machine remotely and never run out of stock!

You’ll love our prices

Who says true quality has to be expensive?
At Vendzone we know you need to recover your investment as quickly as possible. So we on
keep our overheads low and pass the savings on to you.
You really do get more for your dollar with Vendzone.


We won’t let you down

When you sign up a new site, you need to act quickly. And Vendzone will not let you down.
Unlike other manufacturers, we warehouse an ample supply of machines in all major
Australian cities.