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Vending Machines - Get a Free Office or Workplace Machine

Whether you are in the business of Vending, looking at getting into it or simply need a Vending Machine for your office or warehouse, Vendzone has a solution for you.  Vendzone provides unique products and services online that enables you to do your business more efficiently and effectively.

Do You Want a Free State of The Art Vending Machine For Your Workplace?

Vending machines are an easy and convenient way to provide snacks and drinks for your workplace staff and visitors whether it's an office, warehouse, educational institution, hospital or shopping mall.

In fact Vendzone vending machines are suitable for any organisation and public venue or space. We supply state of the art vending machines Free of charge to any workplace in Australia.

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Want To Start Your OwnSuccessful Vending Machine Business?

If you've always wanted to start your own business, a vending machine business could be the perfect opportunity for you to become your own boss.

Vending machines are compact mini retail stores that don't require staff and are open for business 24/7. The great thing about a vending machine business is flexibility - you can change the location of your machine to achieve better sales profits. That way you'll never get stuck with a location that doesn't bring in results.

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Vendzone State of The Art Vending Machines For Sale

Vendzone offers a wide range of state of the art vending machines for sale. Machines can hold a combination of beverages and snack foods and are available in various sizes from slim line, mini or large. So if space is at a premium, there's a vending machine to fit.

Our vending machines are reliable and simple to operate, and require very low maintenance. An economical turnkey solution, Vendzone combination vending machines offer customers a variety of big brand drinks and snack food choices. Our combination vending machines can also be adjusted to vend just single product lines i.e. drinks or snacks only. It all depends on customer demand.

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Robert Vecci B Bus CPA - After much investigation I concluded that it would be worthwhile trying to get involved in the snack and drink vending machine industry. The large combo machines offer a large range of product at different price points, selling basic essential things for life, like food and drink. They accept all coins and notes, and give change in a customer friendly way. I needed to decide one organization to form a partnership with.  I chose Vendzone because they were local, and could offer local support and training.  They supply new machines of various sizes, and deliver them to site.  They suggested an ideal product range and where I could buy the stock. They also helped with suggested selling prices. With their help I was able to get my business set up straight away with no fuss. To date Vendzone has not only done everything I needed, but have exceeded my expectations in terms of support and assistance in getting started. I am confident that they have a great deal of technical knowledge about all aspects of the machines and the vending industry. I am confident and optimistic that this will be a worthwhile investment and a rewarding activity.

 Jay, Dishi Vending NSW – Vendzone Vending Machines business is an amazing business that allows me to work my own hours, excellent return on investment and I get to keep my first job! Vending machines business is like an additional person working in the family! Vendzone helped me secure very good vending machine locations and provided me with round the clock support to make my vending business a very successful one. My wife is looking at quitting her job and running vending business as a full-time business so she can work her own hours and give more time to our family.
Peter Narsey, Qld – Vendzone vending machines business is simply a great business! I have two retail businesses, which keeps me busy. Since I didn’t have enough time at my disposal to open a third shop, I decided to go for Vendzone Vending machines and I can’t be happier. I purchased 20 vending machines from Vendzone. Vendzone provided me with amazing locations and my vending machines pay for themselves. Unlike my other shops, vending machines business more or less runs itself! So I have decided to buy more vending machines. Being a businessman, I always look for ‘value’ and good ‘Return on Investment’. I am impressed how Vendzone manages to provide ‘cost effective’ vending solutions, which makes Vendzone vending machine business an automatic high return opportunity.
Jigs & Ash, NSW – My wife and I are both professionals and have full-time jobs yet there was a need for additional income to support growing family and commitments. Vendzone vending machine business changed our lives for good. We have additional income coming without having to work fixed hours. Vendzone vending machines business is like a third earner, which brings money in the family and doesn’t ask for much!  Team at Vendzone helped us find ‘outside hours’ locations and it’s just perfect. Thank you Vendzone!
Samir & Husen, SA – My business partner and I work variable hours, which gives us a lot of spare time during a given week. We decided to go with Vendzone vending machines business and since then there has been no turning back. Vending machine business is just an excellent business. We are rapidly expanding our business and now we earn more money from our vending business than from our jobs. I am very happy. I recommend Vendzone Vending Machines to anyone wanting to not only have an additional income but also looking at going into one’s own business and becoming one’s own boss!



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